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Neck, back and spinal decompression specialist
For those looking for an accurate diagnosis of their musculoskeletal issues, Peck Chiropractic Care specializes in non-invasive pain relief without surgery.

Dr. John Peck, Chiropractor, has successfully resolved neck, joint, and back pain in numerous patients.

Our Redding Chiropractic office brings a specialty in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to the Northstate area with the DRX9000. Schedule an absolutely free consultation to see how wonderful your life can be again.

Dr. John W. Peck, D.C., has a proven record of improving stiff joints, arm and leg pain, numbness or tingling in the limbs, Sciatica, shoulder problems, and issues such as TMJ. Through specific chiropractic techniques, clients also find relief from headaches, hip pain, carpal tunnel, and whiplash.

Using a variety of hands-on techniques and specialized equipment, Dr. Peck is relieving extremity, back, and neck pain, in the Northstate, one patient at a time.

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The DRX 9000

Non-Invasive Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment

Chiropractor Redding

For patients with bulging and/or degenerated discs, pinched nerves, arthritis, and Sciatica, the DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Unit has brought new hope to those who had otherwise needed back surgery. Most patients, who undergo spinal fusion surgery for chronic back and neck pain, experience ongoing pain afterward.

Clients who opt for Peck Chiropractic Care’s non-invasive non-surgical spinal decompression treatment enjoy twice the success rate of those who endure surgery. You will not have to face the scalpel, an injection, or even a hospital gown to get therapy for conditions such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain, arthritis, some types of stenosis, facet syndrome, failed back surgery, and much more. More about the DRX9000!

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Chiropractor Redding CA

The DRX9000 works so gently, patients often fall asleep during the 30-minute procedure. Many clients report their pain abating within minutes of treatment on the machine, as it restores and re-hydrates the discs. The steady pull-hold-release cycle has a pumping effect that decompresses the degenerated areas of one’s back until bulging and extruded disc material are minimized taking pressure off the joints and nerves.

A series of treatments with this technology restore comfort and help a patient enjoy life again after a history of pinched nerves and pain. Before you choose surgery, or even if you already have, schedule a free consultation to see what quality of life you can enjoy.

Dr. Peck is Experienced with all Types of Injuries

Chiropractor Redding California

In addition to the wonders of the DRX9000, Dr. Peck’s professional skills include manual adjustments using diversified techniques (hands on). He will give you the right care for your body’s specific needs using techniques such as gentle instrumentation (Activator), blocking (a very gentle and effective technique), and table assisted adjustments.

Experienced with all types of injuries from work, sports, and auto accidents, the doctor employs muscle relaxation techniques, ultrasound, and myofacial release.

Our Northstate Redding Chiropractic Office Accepts Most Insurances

Professional Chiropractor Redding

Northstate residents can now get their lives back with the least discomfort. In addition to affordable cash rates, our Redding Chiropractic office accepts most insurances and has affordable payment plans.

If you suffer back pain, stiff joints, or other musculoskeletal conditions, set an appointment for an absolutely free consultation with Dr. John Peck, Doctor of Chiropractic.